The Changing of the Seasons


So, you may have noticed that things have been a little quiet at Sharrow Style recently. I wasn’t allowed to write on the blog whilst my tutors were marking it! However, I’m pleased to say that I can now start writing again.

However, there’s going to be a change. Obviously, the original purpose of this blog was to write about fashion in Sheffield. That’s all great, except I don’t live there anymore (sob!)

I still don’t want this to be a standard ‘what I wore today’ blog. Partly because I don’t have the confidence for outfit posts featuring myself, and partly because I don’t have the finances to support buying tons of clothes (unfortunately). What it will be is a blog of my favourite trends, makeup that I love, hero pieces I’ve treated myself to and style inspirations from celebrities.

So, you’ll have to give me some time to gather my ideas, but I hope that Sharrow Style can continue to be a fashion blog with a bit of a difference.

Leila x


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