Spotlight on: Handbags

As part of my blog’s re-invention, I thought I’d start a little ‘Spotlight’ series- a discussion of my favourite trends and pieces. First up, I’d like to discuss handbags.

Anyone who knows me knows my love for bags. I don’t lust after clothes anywhere near as much as I used to. I find that the older I get, the more I want to invest in ‘timeless’ pieces that will last me for more than one season.

I guess you could say that my appetite for arm candy began when I was very young with a ‘designer’ bag from my mum . This bag was incredibly gaudy, white with a multi-coloured pattern, but I absolutely loved and cherished it until it inevitably fell apart. I also attended school in the glory days of Pauls Boutique, when anyone who was anyone had one of these wonderfully tacky masterpieces. Admittedly, the brand has now had a little makeover, with no brash logos and unnecessarily long charms in sight.

Nowadays, my taste has upgraded but sadly my bank balance hasn’t. I’m lucky enough to have a few amazing handbags, which I adore, but I’m always wanting more. As someone who isn’t as adventurous with dressing myself as I’d like to be, I believe a great handbag is important. They’re not just there to carry your phone and various empty chewing gum wrappers, they’re for adding statement to an outfit.

Here are my favourite handbags that I own.


My Michael Kors tote was my first more expensive bag. I bought it in Spain, for an exchange rate that was too good to miss out on. What really struck me was the colour, a beautiful vanilla grey that goes with almost everything.


My Vivienne Westwood currently needs to visit the handbag hospital after the charm fell off whilst on holiday in Ibiza, but I still love it. It’s my go to ‘night out’ bag, as it holds my lipstick, phone and purse without leaving me scrabbling around.


My second Michael Kors bag is a divine duck egg blue, and was another Spanish purchase. It goes perfectly with blue jeans! What I like most about MK bags are the simplicity of their designs. I’ve got my eye on the mauve colour for Autumn!


This River Island bag was the last thing that I purchased with my staff discount (sniff!) before leaving River Island in favour of going full time at my writing job. I love it because it looks 1000x more expensive than it actually was, and its deep enough to hold all of my unnecessary things that I carry around with me!


I bought this bag from a little boutique in Yorkshire. I love it because it reminds me of Chanel and it’s boxy shape is so on trend. It’s currently residing with my best friend, so if you’re reading this Abigail, I’d absolutely love to have it back! 😉

I’m lusting after:

Copyright Chanel 2015.

Copyright Chanel 2015.

A Chanel Boy bag is my absolute dream. I have always said to myself ever since I was younger that the minute I got a well paid job, I’d save up for one. They’re iconic, without being the exact same Chanel bag that you see all of the TOWIE cast with.

Copyright Louis Vuitton 'Mon Monogram' collection.

Copyright Louis Vuitton ‘Mon Monogram’ collection.

A monogrammed Louis Vuitton Speedy tote would be next on my list after Chanel. This is a new addition, I saw a girl in Sheffield train station with a larger monogrammed LV and I was pricing one up of my own as soon as I sat down on the train. Gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed my ode to handbags. Tell me about your favourite bag in the comments!
Leila x



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